Norfolk Island - a whole haunted island

Norfolk Island is a ghost hunters paradise.

If you can get past the lack of great internet and many of the other tourists being of a more graceful age and totally not interested in anything remotely related to ghosts you will have an absolute hoot investigating this pearl just 2.5 hours from Sydney.

Measuring just 8km long and 5km wide Norfolk is covered by rolling green hills and a rocky shoreline. It is a tiny volcanic outcrop located just over 1000 kilometres off the shore of Australia but it could not be any more different.

My own fascination with the island came about because of its connection to Newcastle, where I live.
Convicts were bought from Norfolk to Sydney and then some came to Newcastle to serve their time.
We go back to the very late 1800's. In fact some of the graves in the cemetery are dated even before Newcastle was even settled by the English.

As a paranormal investigator I was intrigued with the ghosts of the island and the stories behind the lives of the men, women and children incarcerated there.

Norfolk offered so many sites in a short area and such tortured history I was anticipating some serious activity.

This trip was my third, with all of my previous visits, as this one too, being tours where I brought over small groups of like minded ghost hunters to explore and investigate the heritage and history of the island.

Norfolk has it's very own language, but they do speak English, which is at threat of being lost - apparently we lose a language every 14 days somewhere on this Earth.

Cows rule the roads - and so do the chickens.!!! But that is the coolest thing. I actually love to see all of the roaming 'wildlife'.

Thanksgiving and Halloween are a big deal and are public holidays in honour of the American settlers that made the island their home during World War One and Two. .

It is the home of one of Australia's most famous writers - Colleen McCullough who now lies in the cemetery in a very modest grave.

The main street looks like it is something out of the 1960's and hardly anyone locks their front door.

Island life is as you would expect it to be - quiet and peaceful and no one is in a rush.

Quality Row is down by the pier and that is where all the flash heritage houses sit as well as the first and second settlement buildings that still remain.

Norfolk is very proud of it's heritage and history and tourism is very much focused on the story of the convicts or the island's passion for golf.

Food can be simple to complex but it is expensive. Even the local RSL will serve up a delightful roast dinner for $25 AUS but, remember there is not one poker machine in the club which would be subsiding the meals as they do in Australia.

This time we had 13 ghost hunters and we definitely could not complain about the spooky sites nor the connections we encountered.

The most haunted site on the island is the DUPLEX situated down on Quality Row.

It was used at the site of the final program of  "THE ONE" which was a show a few years ago that was all about finding the best and most gifted psychic in Australia.

The Duplex building on Norfolk Island was used as the site for the dramatic finale where the contestants were sent in to try out their skills and psychic abilities.

We have had a few amazing experiences at the Duplex ourselves. Last time I was there we conducted a seance with a local lady from the island within the walls of the building. It was once the home of convict overseers. You can imagine the hatred thrown at those buildings by the convicts.

Our guest sitter and myself and another sat at the small table that we found in the corner of a room and we moved into connecting and mediumship mode. The local lady spoke Norfolk while we were at the table and she was moved to tears s she received profound and correct responses, which we could not have known as we did not know what she was saying.

We felt the energies around us, as the duplex, now empty and a shell of it's former self, grew smaller and more congested as the dim light of our torches and lanterns shone across the open spaces to catch flickerings of movement and random black shadows hovering and wisping about from one room to another.

Voices were not voices - movements were not movements.
They were knowings.

A knowingness that we were not alone, but, we were entwined with the dead that had called this place home so many years before us.

As scary as it is to sit amongst the dead tortured souls of convicts, it was also enticingly exciting.
Of course, this visit it was our intention to return to that dark place and visit a few more.

P.S. After changing some spelling mistakes that were pointed out by a reader it thrills me to know that PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY READING MY BLOGS!


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