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Norfolk Island - a whole haunted island

Norfolk Island is a ghost hunters paradise.

If you can get past the lack of great internet and many of the other tourists being of a more graceful age and totally not interested in anything remotely related to ghosts you will have an absolute hoot investigating this pearl just 2.5 hours from Sydney.

Measuring just 8km long and 5km wide Norfolk is covered by rolling green hills and a rocky shoreline. It is a tiny volcanic outcrop located just over 1000 kilometres off the shore of Australia but it could not be any more different.

My own fascination with the island came about because of its connection to Newcastle, where I live.
Convicts were bought from Norfolk to Sydney and then some came to Newcastle to serve their time.
We go back to the very late 1800's. In fact some of the graves in the cemetery are dated even before Newcastle was even settled by the English.

As a paranormal investigator I was intrigued with the ghosts of the island and the stories behind the lives of the men, …

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