Chasing the Ghosts of Norfolk Island

Quality Row where most of the official houses stand, has its eerie tales. Soldiers in coloful uniforms of old and Empire gowned and crinolined ladies are said to have revisited their old homes and the clanking of chain gangs is held to re-echo at times.
Beyond Quality Row lies the graveyard and if you walk there after dark you must whistle to send wandering spirits back to their resting places.
Western Satr ans Roma Advertisier - Saturday 23 September 1939

                                       One of the house on Quality Row - Norfolk Island

That comes from a newspaper article written in 1939.
I have just returned from my second visit to Norfolk Island.
I spent 3 days there with another 13 gorgeous people and we were all out to explore the island and it's ghostly stories.

                                                 That's me right at the front of the group

We took part in some history tours to learn more about who we were bumping into in the dark and also a ghost tour where our guide took on the persona of the convict woman whose life unfolded on the island in a very sad and hard way. Her passion and responsibility to tell the story of her alter ego was palpable.

                      Our ghost tour with 'Elizabeth' one of the ghosts of Norfolk Island.

We didn't have to go far to find ghosts on the island.
Our accommodation was very active for some of the guests.

One lady who was there with her partner felt that someone came into her room and got into bed with her. She felt this person's body come close and turned to find no one there. Or at least, no one she could see.

Another lady felt what she expressed felt like a dog jump on the bed and settle itself at her feet between her and her husband. When she looked closely she saw no dog but an indentation on the bed where she had felt the energy settle.

I myself was taking an afternoon shower before heading out for the evening. My husband had left the room to check his Facebook page and during the shower I heard a loud knock on the bathroom door.
I though my husband had returned so took a towel and opened the door of the bathroom to find no one standing there.

                                                       Outside the Old Gaol site

During our ghost tour on of the gentlemen in our group was so drawn into the energy of a particular area we needed to step in and pull him away as he literally started to disappear whilst someone else stepped into him.

Another from our group went for a dip at Emily Bay one afternoon and came out of the water to lay on his towel on the sand. His partner went back in for a swim and so he close his eyes for a moment to feel a body plonk itself down on the sand next to him.

No word was said so he asked why his partner had come back so quickly.
When he turned to talk he found that he was sitting alone, but, there indentation in the sand where a bottom, hands and feet could be seen.

This part of the beach is where the original cemetery had been located.

Later that night when we went to visit the cemetery the partner of this the person above felt drawn to a particular headstone to find that it was that of a young 28 year old man who had drowned at Emily Bay in the mid 1840's.
We all came over and had a session at the headstone using EMF gadgets and a recorder. A voice was recorded that did not belong to any of us.
A review will be conducted to see if anything that is potential evidence has been recorded.

I was also excited to find that I had photographed what could be my very first ghostly apparition.
Usually I am too busy conducting tours to take photos and have experiences myself. I have not had the luck to take anomalous photos during my investigative career.
This one is choice as I know 100% for sure that this was not a shadow cast nor was there anyone in the close proximity to be able to be captured in the photo.

It is this one below:
                                                                     Is this a ghost?

But Norfolk has so much more than just ghosts!
It's history is tied to the mainland.
Connections to my hometown of Newcastle are many. From convicts to Commandants.

There is also the food, the people and the relaxed atmosphere.
You are on island time.
The cows move around freely.
Most cars are old and battered, shops are few.
No pokies.
Nothing flashy and ostentatious.

But the island grips your heart.
It tries to get you to listen to it's story.
It tries to each you to respect it and what it has been through.

I am going back to explore more of it.
I want to learn more and experience more.
Next time, come with me.


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