Show me the GHOST!

I was asked an interesting question last night during my "Haunted Tales of Newcastle", ghost walk.
Mind you, it hasn't been the first time this question has been asked.
I hear it often.
It will come from people who have never had their own experience and are genuinely interested in the paranormal and have moved on from what they see in the movies.

The question?
How DO people see ghosts?
Or maybe it's better to say - in what forms do they appear to people?


That might sound funny to you, but for those that have never had an experience, they have no real conceptual idea of how it happens.

Is it like it is shown in the movies?
Do they come out in their long white 1800's nighties with hair covering their faces?
Do they move or stand staring at you from the darkest corner of the room with red glowing eyes?
Are they just formless black vapors that are seen slithering through the cracks in the ceiling?

Holy shit - that's enough to scare the crap of of you isn't it?!!!
But, it can be all of the above.
And more!!

I can only answer by saying how I have seen ghosts, that is, to speak from personal experience.

So here is my story -
Any full bodied ghosts that I see tend to be in my mind's eye - in other words, from within myself, not outside of myself. I see them psychically.
I have only had a handful of 'outside of myself' visual experiences.

My psychic visuals are usually clear to the size and shape and they are recognisable human forms. I can describe them enough to be able to give people a pretty good indication of who I am looking at. Often, the message they are trying to deliver is, for me, the more difficult part.
That I can have trouble with.
I can feel their emotions, and be shown things by them, but they often treat me as if I am deaf.

One of my few 'outside of myself' experiences was when I saw a half body apparition, from the waist up, making it's way up one of the streets in inner city of Newcastle in the middle of the day.
This image was definitely outside of myself - I clearly saw the person crossing the road.
It was transparent, white, whispy with no clear definitive boarders and it was just doing it's thing with no recognition of the world around it.


As a child, the images were far more terrifying and shapeless.
They were mostly while I slept and were dark and foreboding.
They were always chasing me in my dream state.
I knew they were coming for me and I felt as though I could not get away.
These were dark, nebulous, without faces, arms and legs although I knew they were human.
These were all obviously in my mind, which I find hard to reflect back on as I was only 4 years old.
Where could such horrible images some from?

As I look back on those terrifying monsters now I think of them as remnants of the monsters of the War my parent's lived through and survived.

Could they be the memories of World War 2 that became embedded so deeply in the memories of my parent that hey transferred to me?
I don't know - just a thought.


So, in my experience these apparitions, ghosts, spectres whatever you wish to call them, have appeared in different ways.
Sometimes it's just about a message - something I am being led to observe in my path with no ghost attached to the experience at all. ye I have asked them to 'show me'.

Why do some people see ghosts and others do not?
Why do some people see them in one way and not another?
What does this depend on or why?
I don't know the mechanics of that.
I have some ideas - anyone who thinks about it has their ideas.
At least I hope you do - I hope that these experiences are more that just about the thrill of seeing a ghost but also about it opening up your mind to the bigger questions.

but, back to my experiences:
Some ghosts actually just come as a sense of energy that goes straight through me.
Las night's experience found me driving into the city to start my tour and, as sometimes is want to happen, someone popped into my car while I was in the west end of the city (near Markettown for those who know the area I speak of).

This was, firstly, an energy impression - violent and strong as I felt it hit me with full force while I was sitting behind the wheel of my car coming up to a stop light.
I could not shake this one. I felt that there was some mental instability connected to it. Craziness.
This was a young male approximately 17 years to 22 years old and he was wildly lost and scattered.
I felt that this person had passed within the last 6 months. He was still very new and very strong.

I though he may be for someone I was about to meet coming through to give a message so when I reached my tour group I asked if this person, who was still with me, may have been attached to someone in the group.

                                                                 Photo:Week in Weird

It was worth asking.

But it wasn't for anyone from the group.

The young man finally left me up the very top end of the city, on Watt Street, just as quickly as he had come.
Maybe I just taken him to where needed to be.
Maybe he got fed up with me ignoring him.
Or, maybe he felt that I had not understood what he wanted so he wasn't wasting time.

 I do not take it upon myself as it being my responsibility to 'move spirit on'.
That's another blog post and I wont go into why any further here.

So, these are just a few examples of what happens for me just to give you a bit of an insight if seeing ghosts is something that has never happened to you.

Remember though, there are many ways that ghosts can make themselves known to the living.
I have heard many, many other examples that are all very different and very individual.

Some people wont see anything - but will hear them.
Some will smell a particular scent that comes from no where like cigar smoke, a perfume, even a sulphuric smell.

These smells might be associated with people they knew and are now dead.

Others may sense spirits that make them feel emotional.
Sadness, weakness, feeling as if you are not yourself anymore.
Talking babble, saying things you are not aware of.
Ghosts speaking through you and not to you.

All of these types of experiences are just as important and impressive as seeing the apparition with your eyes.
Do not wait for the 'movie style' visitation as you may not get it yet you may be ignoring very sensitive contacts being made with you in other ways which are just as valid.

I am sure everyone reading this post will have a story of their own to tell.

This is just scratching the bumpy surface of a topic that is endlessly deep.

The more we explore, the more we find that there are infinite variables.

Ghosts show themselves and give us signs of their presence in so many different ways.

The only way we will be open to these different ways that they show themselves to us is to be open to all possibilities and to observe and consider experiences when they happen.

                                                                      Photo: Pixabay

If you have your own visitation story to share please feel free to share it by replying here or on my Facebook page at



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