I can see a demon in that piece of toast!

We have all had that moment when we think we see a face in a picture that should not be there.

We see shapes in clouds.
We see shapes and faces in all sorts of images.

We are programmed to see faces from the time we are a baby in our mother's arms.
Making sure we know who we are being cuddled by is an important baby thing!
Our eyes scan and look for what is familar.
If we don't see mum - we cry.

Our brains still do that when we get older.
We still try and make sense from random shapes.
Plenty of ghost hunters do it too.
And often they do not use their logic in doing so.
Something looks like a face and we will often read it as one before we actually go - oh! no it's actually not. Its just a shadow, or some reflected light falling on a shiny surface.

Pareidolia is a type of apophenia, which is a more generalized term for seeing patterns in random data. Some common examples are seeing a likeness of Jesus in a piece of toast or Mary in a railing in Sydney (remember that one?) or a floating elephant in a cloud.

Apophenia is the spontaneous perception of connections and meaningfulness of unrelated phenomena like seeing 11:11 everywhere. The term was coined by German neurologist and psychiatrist Klaus Conrad (1905-1961). Conrad focused on the finding of abnormal meaning or significance in random experiences by psychotic people.

Ok - I'm not saying you are psychotic - the simple fact is that the more you are aware of a meaningful random pattern, the more you will notice it in strange places where you would not have seen it before.
Your brain will direct you to seeing those things.
So, you see 11:11 and find yourself feeling that there must be some special connection for seeing it so then the more you will be drawn to noticing it and the more you will think it must be special so the more your brain will be searching for more evidence to prove you right.

Your brain will be looking for it.
It will notice it in places it has never seen it before.
I can make you do that when I use hypnosis.
I can just tell your subconscious mind to go find 11:11 and you will be surprised as to how many times you will spot and you will think that you were not actually looking for it.
And probably you were not - but your subconscious mind was.

So in other words - what you focus on, you truly DO draw towards yourself.

When you buy a red car - you tend to notice just how many red cars are on the road.
You may never have noticed them before but, because you went through the process of thinking about and choosing and buying a RED car you will now be focused on RED.
I may have even now drawn you to focus and see RED more than you have over the last few weeks.
More RED than ever before.
(Just some mild hypnotic suggestions there)...

Pareidolia is a form of Apophenia where the eyes send information to your brain about what you are looking at. The first thing your brain will do, in a millisecond, is to search your brain's memories for something that may be similar to what you are looking at.
Does it look a bit like a face?
Is the shape a bit the same?
Can you make out a nose or hair if you look hard enough?
Then BAM...it's a face.
Yes...its a face and you cannot seen to see anything else.

Do you see a face in the photo above?
But its not a face.
But it looks like the face of a duck!
Damn - you cant seem to see anything else but the eyes and a beak now!


A smiley in a coffee?
Yes....there is that face again.

What does this have to do with the paranormal?
Investigators face (pun) this ALL THE TIME.
We are sent photos all the time from people who believe that they are seeing ghosts in photos.
And often they say that its not just a ghost its a DEMON.
Its got to be a demon.

The above photo is a great example.
Someone took a photo of this man in front of some rocks. Enlarging a piece of the photo created the perfect 'pareodolic' anomaly. Now we are seeing a face - it must be a demon.
Its a rock - but now that you have seen a face you cannot see anything else.
Damn you brain!

The above photo was taken by Alison Oborn at Adelaide Gaol - if you look hard enough you will see another face staring at you. Yes I can see it too. But its not a face - its reflected light and its shape has created what looks like a face.

This is a huge problem to try and stay level headed when looking through evidence.
If you have to enlarge a photo more than 50% and if you have to strain to see the image because it is not clear, it is too dark, it is too light, you have to put a circle around it - then you have to really consider that it may not be paranormal. 

Now after all of that....
I can say that I have seen quite a few photos that have left me scratching my head.
But I have seen a lot that are just not paranormal.

I also do not see anything special in 11:11.
If you do - look at what is behind that. What has made you notice 11:11 in the first place - is it because someone told you that it has to be a sign? 
If you told that 11:11 is special your brain will notice it especially because it has for a very long time been associated with angels or signs from heaven.

11:11 in itself is just a series of numbers.
It means nothing unless you give it meaning or someone has given it meaning for you and it has made sense to your brain.

If you are wanting to advance your psychic abilities, or extend you extra sensory perceptions you need to come at it with a very open mind and with clarity of thought.
The clarity and strength of your perceptions will make you notice things you may never have noticed before but they do not all have to mean something special.
Remember that things are only special if meaning has been given to them and that meaning is something that MEANS SOMETHING TO YOU.

If you are going out to smoke a cigarette near your garbage bin and you have your mobile phone with you and you take a photo of the bin. Then you enlarge it 100% and find a corner of that enlarged photo that looks like a demon and send it to me for verification and I say to you - no its not a demon - its just a rubbish bin, don't get pissed of at me. 
I will be asking a simple question, "Why did you take a photo of your bin in the first place?"


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