Where are the bloody ghosts?!!!!

"So where are the bloody ghosts?"
A lady recently said this to me, as she stood in my face, as if by pressuring me I would be able to conjure up a few to make her happy. Of course it was my fault.

Yes it was my fault that she had not had an experience.
But it made me think.
I kept wondering what is it that these people want?
What do these people expect?
Where have they gotten these expectations from?

Have we raised the bar so high that it is now not achievable to please most people if they don't actually see a ghost.
Is that the goal of everyone coming on a tour?

Have we made promises to our ghost hunters that we just cannot keep?

Why do people really expect to come on a public site and if they don't see a ghost they have the right to give us a mouthful and tell us its all shit.

Where has the process gone?
That step by step process of connecting and experiencing?
Now, it seems people just want to scream - run - be entertained - be frightened - see a demon
(because a 'regular' ghost isn't good enough anymore)

We have made a rod for our own backs.
All of this focus on obtaining  'evidence' for the sake of putting it on You Tube has led to a point where the ghosts see us coming and RUN!

 Are we as investigators now afraid to actually say, 'Well, nothing happened tonight' just in case we lose our followers?
Is that the most important thing?
If so - we should reconsider why we do what we do.

So here are some home truths - you may not like them.
1. Not every time you go on to a haunted site will mean you have an experience.
2. We cannot make ghosts perform/appear/touch you just because you have arrived and paid your money.
3. Just because you have not had an experience on your first ghost hunt it doesn't make the site less haunted or the ghost hunting team you are with shit.
4. Don't think that in the hour or two you are on a site that you have magically opened the portal for ghostly activity and you are guaranteed to activity.
5. Seeing ghosts is NOT THE ONLY way to experience paranormal activity.
6. Not every paranormal experience is a demonic one.
7. You are no more special than anyone else so just because you want it  wont mean it will happen.
8. What is it you really want - and why?

I am afraid that in the rush to get bums on seats at ghost hunts we are risking actual connections with the spirit world because they are not fantastical enough for the punters whose expectations are now no longer reasonable.

Can we please slow down?

Can we actually tell people that we may not see or feel or experience anything?

That it is not up to us it is up to the ghosts to decide if they want to play or not!

We used to be more patient. We had time to talk and ask questions and come to the conclusion that it takes time to create a pathway to communications with the spirit world and if you get something you are a lucky bastard and you were in the right place at the right time.

It seems those days are gone right now. You want it and you want it now!!
You are demanding it!

And you want it to be crazy-arsed and you want the ghosts to appear in full form, preferably with red glowing eyes and to growl at you. You want to be scratched so you can show all of your friends on Facebook because anything less than that is just not good enough.

Being realistic may not be as sensational as a possession but that's the reality.
Most of the time there is just - the experience.
The experience of the story, the history, the site, being with others, sensing the world on a very personal level.

All of this scaring the shit out of people has got to stop.
Real investigations are not like the Hollywood movies.
Ghost Hunting shows are not based on what really happens during a two hour investigation.
They are a mixture of story telling and entertainment.

Even during writing this post this evening I received a call from a young lady who was terrified because of a downloading some silly phone apps one of which told her that there was something under her bed!
It terrified her.
And if you think well, that's stupid - I have to say that I hear this all of the time.
Vulnerable people can be badly manipulated.
These people then call up people who sometimes ( just sometimes) offer services a huge prices to take away these demonic entities ( yes...they ALWAYS have to be demonic)!

We are not helping the areas of real research and investigation by making these ridiculous claims!

If you want to be scared - go to the cinema and see a movie - its far cheaper.
And you walk away somehow knowing that you will be OK...it was a movie of course.

These situations, when encountered in real life, can really do your head in.
Especially if you have had no experience before or they play on your core religious beliefs.
You do not need to be pushed further down the rabbit hole by lies and fallacies.

Ghosts speak in a different language.
They speak through emotional connections.
They make you feel.
They 'talk' through your senses.
Experiences are often subtle.
And very personal.
We all have the ability to sense these things but we are too busy wanting it NOW.
Wanting it big and in your face ( like that lady of mine I had to deal with on the weekend)
Like all amazing things that we encounter in this world sometimes it takes time and effort.
Yes - effort.
Personal effort is required and you should take it slowly and be persistent in your learning and always ask questions of everything you see and hear.

If you are really, truly interested, head to the tour providers and investigation groups that know what they are talking about and can answer your questions. Go to conventions and workshops.

Join in the activities provided and know that there is a 'process' - this learning takes time and things reveal themselves slowly.
You may have magical experiences quickly or you may have to wait a little longer. These experiences are personal and subjective. What happens for you may not be happening to anyone else.
These experiences may be profound or subtle.
They can change the way you see the world around you.

Expect nothing - be prepared for anything.
Don't act like a petulant child if you don't experience anything.
There may be reasons for that.
Maybe you are not ready.
Maybe you are not at the right place at the right time.
Maybe there is something inside of you that really just doesn't want to know.
And that's OK too.

Ghost hunting is not everyone's cup of tea - and in that case, choose to so something else.
Don't spoil it for everyone else who is trying to be serious, if you think its really just a load of shit.
You are entitled to your opinion but so is everyone else.

And in the end did my lady see any ghosts on her tour?
No, she didn't.
She walked away saying to her friends that it was a load of shit.
The ghosts probably thought it was a load of shit too.


  1. Your so very right Ghost dont speak the same language and they have no concept of time. I miss my grand mother and mother and father and grandfather and sister enormously, I love them so very much still however grabbing me on my hand with their ice cold bleeding hands on a freezing Canberra morning at 4am is not funny. Ghosts are not fools. They were not fools when they were alive so why would they be preforming fools now that they are dead? It is the living who are fools to that they can conjure them up as entertainment. It is not your fault that they did not want to believe and that the dead did not want to play. Mind you had they decided to play with that woman she would have been the first out the door screaming. I have seen that time and time again. One day my husband and I will join your tours. We love ghost hunting.

  2. We live in interesting times. I just wish that these spirits were given a decent amount of respect - they deserve it. If they are pulling away it may just be our fault.

  3. Totally right, ghosts are the ones who decide whether or not to appear or whatever. You are a guide, not a manipulator. Looking at the sky will not make it rain, although at the moment I wish it would for a bit. That lady will not be back but do you want her back?


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