Chasing Ghosts in Scotland this October 2017

Its been two years since I travelled for the very first time to England.
My memory was promoted by a Facebook 'memory' post where one of the first stops was Harrod's where I just had to act posh and sit and enjoy a cup of tea, like a civilised person, in their tea shop.

Of course it meant checking out the souvenirs and wondering if I could afford a Harrod's bag.
I left with an umbrella instead - much more affordable, and being looked at by the server at the tea shop as if I was going to put the cutlery in my bag!

Its exciting to know that I will be heading back with my bestie travel buddy Gayle Oliver this October. Unfortunatley due to my husband's ill health, he will be forced to just watch me via live feeds and Facebook posts as I 'invest' our money in an unforgettable experience.

Again I will be trying to head out to as many ghost tours and haunted sites as I can whilst being away.
This will again create an interesting relationship between Gayle and myself cause she really 'isn't a fan' of being scared' but she'll just have to harden the f**k up!

I hope you follow my preparation as I talk about some of the sites, in no particular order, that we will be visiting and fill you in on some of the history and stories of those places.

One of our stops will be at INVERNESS.
Here there is plenty to experience.
One spot will be the CLOOTIE WELL - a very spiritual place where visitors have been coming for years leaving their 'clootie' or piece of material which is imbued with wishes of good health and happiness and tie it to a tree. As the clootie is worn down by the weather the person's wishes also escape on the wisps of the winds and are granted.

We are also going to visit the CULLODEN battlefield for some EVP recording.

The last battle of the Jacobite risings of 1745 was fought on land just east of Inverness. With a snazzy new visitor centre telling the story in an interactive and innovative way it really brings the story to life. There is an immersion theatre to put you in the heart of the battle and an earpiece to hear tales from the battle as you walk around the atmospheric battlefield.(Quirky Inverness)

 I have head plenty about battlefields and some people's experiences visiting them. This will be my first 'battlefield experience'. 
Closeby are the CLAVA CAIRNS -
Three spectacular and well-preserved burial Cairns . Each with it’s own stone circle. A powerfully evocative place worth hunting out. This prehistoric site, thought to be 4000 years old is best observed at sunrise or sunset. Two passage graves stand at either end of the centre cairn. These cairns have passages leading into their centers which you can go inside to explore, you can see some ancient cup and ring marks inside the north east grave. The centre grave is different, with a passage into the middle it’s called a ring cairn. Each is no more than a metre tall and is likely to have been used for people of nobility such as tribal chiefs. A truly unique and special place just a five-minute drive from Culloden Battlefield. (Quirky Inverness)

Gayle is seriously obsessed with standing stones and Cairns so you will also be seeing loads of photos of oddly shaped rocks in the middle of fields - the things we do for our friends!

No, I am totally happy with that. It will give me an opportunity to see what there is to feel at these places. When I visited Avebury Standing Stones and Stonehenge  two years ago I was blown away by the experience.

 Gayle and I at Stonehenge in 2015

Now I have not mentioned Loch Ness which, depending on the weather, I will be wanting to visit as well as Urquhart Castle just because it looks bloody sensational. Its going to be freezing and I have bought thermal everything!

 I am hoping that Inverness will have a ghost tour in town and my nose will be smelling out any cemetery in the area as I am a hopeless taphophile.

You may be bored by the photos I will be sending you way - I hope not. I will enjoy sharing my dream holiday with you all.


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