Chasing Ghosts in New Zealand - Book review


I received one of Mark's new books Talking to Shadows at Paracon 2016 a few weeks ago and have been busily reading it ever since.

                                                                                  Mark Wallbank - founder Haunted Auckland

Mark is the founder of New Zealand based paranormal and research group HAUNTED AUCKLAND
(find them here:

Mark and his team have been working within the realms of the paranormal in their country for many years and have investigated historic and significant sites as well as numerous private investigations that they have been called to helping those experiencing a haunting.

Mark is, amongst other things, a collector of haunted objects, a researcher,a public speaker, an author, also writing articles and reviews for print and online magazines.

He is passionate about proper research and going in with a clarity of mind when called out to investigate.
His team is a committed group of individuals that work together to seek the truth. They are also open to allowing interested people to join them at some of their investigations and endeavor to give them a real experience.

His webpage says, "From time to time the Haunted Auckland team will take members of the public on tours of haunted locations. We like to educate the public on what we do on investigations and help to raise awareness of the paranormal."

Talking to Shadows is Mark's most recent book - almost 400 pages of stories, in depth investigative procedures and photos from some of his cases.

It also contains viewpoints from some of his team members, and other investigators, on subjects including what happens when we die and whether science and the paranormal will ever be able to work hand in hand.

                                                                                   Waitomo Caves Hotel - photo: Haunted Auckland

Mark's in depth analysis of cases is an insight to how he and his team approach cases and how they work from beginning to end.
Some stories have a conclusion and some...well some cases cannot be proven as being paranormal and Mark isnt afraid to say so.
With the others....well he hopes he can return to to do more research.

                                                                               Hard to Find Bookshop - from Haunted Auckland

He includes investigation tips, tells how he investigates, what tech equipment his uses and the results he gets.
Its also interesting to hear about the history of some of the sites as often delving into the past can reveal a lot of important information about who or why a site many be haunted.

I thoroughly recommend Talking to Shadows as a great read of real investigative processes.
Talking to Shadows is not a book that is filled with horror stories made to creep you out or thrill you - they are real stories of experiences and proper investigations that sometimes get to the bottom of the truth and sometimes discover that not all things can be easily explained.

Talking to Shadows can be purchased here:
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