Diary of a Ghost Chaser - A Friday 13th Ghost Story

Friday the 13th was a perfect night to try a ghost tour.
Angela had never been on one before and really didnt want to EVER go one one.
Nightmares and being afraid of the dark when she was little had made her lose any desire for this sort of stuff.
But her boyfriend kept on pestering her.
They were both 19 and Jason wanted to do something different for Friday 13th this year especially since they were on holidays in Scotland.
You'll love it her told her...come on... please!!

 So here they were in the middle of Edinburgh's Royal Mile waiting for the 8pm underground tour.
Now where else would you be on Friday 13th eh? Jason said.

The tour guide turned up with his offsider both dressed in period costumes and told the group that they were heading underground to explore the vaults - the places that the poor people of the city lived one on top of the other in filth and misery in the 1700 and 1800's.

He assured everyone that the place they were going was very haunted and to be very careful and stay with the group.

So they progressed through the tour going deeper and deeper into the old vaults under the Royal Mile.

Jason was having the time of his life. The darker the area and the more scary the stories the greater the smile appeared on his face.

Angela was a mass of nervous energy jumping at every creak and bang and sweat poured out all over her body in fear. She was exhausted from the adrenaline pumping through her body.

They were standing in front of a door way now.
A precious breath of fresh air and glimpsing the street lights made Angela feel a little better but things were about to get very bad.
Ladies and Gentlemen we are about to head down into this part of the vaults that is open to the public.
You will experience what it would be like to live down there...in complete darkness as we close off the only exit to the outside world.
Beware, this spot is very haunted and people have emerged with scratches on their skin . They have experienced the feeling of being choked and women have fainted.

WTF!!!??I'm staying out here! Angela told Jason.

No!! You have come this far ...its almost the end...you have to! and with that he grabbed her hand and they both passed through the doorway.

The group of 20 spread out around the area. The guide talked more about the circumstances people found themselves in living here among the rats and filth and then... the one lone torch light was turned off.

As Angela stood in the darkness she could smell a vial odor starting to envelope her.
It smelt like rotting food, then rotting meat.
Her nose and eyes started to water.
There was a shuffling sound and movement around her but she could not see a thing.

Her heart was beating wildly and she gripped herself tightly whispering to Jason that she wanted to get out.
In the complete darkness Angela felt her world imploding, fingers were touching her pressing her against the wall and shoving her to one side.
Then a voice whispered in her ear, Happy Friday 13th!

Hey stop it - that's not funny! she yelled. 
Whats happening? The tour guide's voice was over the other side of the room.
Someone's pushed me - turn the bloody light on!

The guide turned his flash light on and pointed it in the direct of where Angela and Jason were standing. Everyone looked in their direction.
Angela looked around but could not see Jason.
Jason - you idiot I'm going to kill you if that was you!

He was no where to be seen.
Then another person tripped and fell over something on the floor.
A scream went out and filled the space.

Oh my God whats this...its blood. I've got blood everywhere.
The woman was helped up and appeared back in the flash light's beam. We could all see the blood on the woman's hands.
All the women started to scream now.

The guide dropped the beam onto the spot where the woman had fallen.
There was Jason - his face had been slashed open and blood was everywhere.
His eyes were wildly staring wide open.
It was a face filled with terror.
A gash went from the top of his head straight across is face and there was another across his throat.
He lay totally still.
Jason was dead.

Angela fainted.


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