Diary of a Ghost Chaser - Chasing Ghosts at the Old Melbourne Gaol

So I will go near and far for a good ghost chase and I have just returned from a four day stay in Melbourne where I met up with my OZGHOST tour group who were cruising down from Sydney on the Carnival Spirit  Cruise Ship enjoying all that cruising has to offer!

This even was the very first OzGhost Tour organized by me and I was very excited that everyone would be totally happy with how the event turned out.

Our first meet up and tour after everyone arrive in Melbourne was at the Old Melbourne Gaol for a day time historic tour which turned into a ghost talk after we we coerced our tour guide Peter to talk to us about all of the experiences people have had there.

When the Old Melbourne Gaol as built in the mid-1800s, it dominated the Melbourne skyline as a symbol of authority.
Inside the Gaol, dangerous criminals were held alongside petty offenders, the homeless and the mentally ill.
Between 1842 and its closure in 1929 the gaol was the scene of 133 hangings including Australia's most infamous citizen, the bushranger Ned Kelly.

So after an introduction to the history of the Gaol we heard about strange apparitions, doors closing and opening on their own, children feeling the presence of people in cells who were only visible to them and tour guides who left after just one week after hearing footsteps following them down corridors in the dead of night.

I have visited Old Melbourne Gaol on four occasions and each time I have experiences that leave me total believing that this old place is very much haunted by its gruesome past history.

One particular Gaol cell is highlighted as being very active.
So we chose to to sneak inside Cell 17 and close the door to do a very quick EVP session.

About 10 of us piled into the cell, including a lady so intrigued at what we were doing she just 'needed' to take part.
Anne Rzechowicz from Eastern States Paranormal, who was one of my fabulous cruise guides, turned on her voice recorder and started to ask questions.

After a few minutes she played the recording back to us.

We heard Anne say "Is there anyone here who would like to talk to us?"

After which came a very quiet yet very audible "Yesssss"!!

We were quite excited by this. A voice from the past...still there, wanting to make contact.
No more responses could be heard after that and it became quite noisy outside the cell door as everyone wanted to know what we were doing so we left the cell to do our own investigating.

I found the Old Maitland Gaol fascinating, not only because of the opportunity to have my own ghostly experiences and I have had many there, but because there are many ways you can be introduced to the different energies attached to this site. It depends on how spooked out you want to be.

We were shown one of their ghost photos - a great capture too - you can make out the two white figures on the top walkway to the left of the photo here:

No one was on the top walkway at the time the photo was taken.

From just a historic self guided tour to an evening investigation - you choose just how much you want to be scared at Old Melbourne Gaol.


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