Diary of a Ghost Chaser

October 3rd 2015

Not all night's in the world of ghost stalking are exciting and challenging.
Sometimes they are quiet and reserved.
I was not expecting too much tonight.

It was, after all, about providing a good night out for my guests tonight and that is what was important to me.

Tonight I was running a private tour for a family who were out on a ghost walk for the very first time.

There was the very enthusiastic mum, the dad who had been dragged along and really felt it was all a load of crap and two children, 13 and 10 years of age.

My work was going to be cut out for me to keep them all entertained.
So... I let the city talk to them instead.

The Convict lumberyard, which is one of my favourite spots, is always a fascinating place - for me anyway.
The atmosphere often changes and can sometimes feel alive and also at other times be very silent and lonely.

It was in its past a place of so much hardship. I try to tell that story. The story of the convicts and their lives and my hope is that maybe my guests can sometimes feel some of that by just being there.

Up on the hill we had a go with the K2 meters, which is always a thrill especially for the younger ones. On my private tours I always offer the opportunity to do a bit of investigating.

We didn't get too much with the K2's but they always 'good value' and capture people's fantasies of being able to 'communicate'. All ghost hunting equipment is always a draw card as most people will only ever see these items on TV shows and never have an opportunity to use them.

One very strange thing that did happen was that I had asked the children to sit down on the bench with the meters and we then asked the ghosts to come forward and let us know, in some way that they were around us.
Nothing happened...so I then asked the children to ask out aloud.
This they did.

Of course we were anticipating and hoping that the lights would flash and everyone  would go 'ohh and ahh!"

But instead something was thrown at the bench - from out of no where.

It may have been a leaf or a twig - I could not find it.
But we all heard it and saw it.

There was no one else around.

There was not the whisp of a breeze.

Well, I guess we did ask.

And I took that as our answer.
Someone was there.

It certainly delighted the children and mum - dad had a quizzical look on his face am I am sure he just thought it was coincidence.

The city was buzzing - people everywhere which was a joy to see.

The tour ended and I hope the kids had sweet dreams.

I personally felt a hand touch mine while we were at the Lumberyard.

More than a touch - I could feel the weight of it in mine.

And during the night my dreams were filled with ghosts, ghosts of those who, we may have encountered during our tour, but were unwilling to show themselves.

Now in the privacy of my dreams they chose to invade my space and allow themselves to connect with the living for just a moment.

Those types of vivid dreams make my skin crawl.
In my dream state I feel as though they are so close that I can feel their breath and their touch.

The morning requires several coffees to bring me back to reality.


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