That is the only way to explain how I am feeling right now.
I have seen so many places that have been on my 'bucket list' in such a short period of time I have not had time to take it all in.

The Roman Baths at Bath

Bath Abbey

The stone circle at Avebury

 The oldest man made burial mound at Silbury

and Stonehenge

All of these places are so very special to this little ghost hunter.
I was not looking out for ghosts at any of these places - I was just there to experience being on those sites. That was enough.
I could touch the stones of Avebury - I could tell them my secrets and ask for their wise wisdom.
I could wonder at what possessed me to build a mound that became the biggest in the world yet empty inside.
I even contemplated not going to Stonehenge - what was I thinking?
"Oh it's so over hyped!" I thought. I have seen so many pictures. It will be fine if I miss it.
But I am so glad we literally drove past the site and decided to join all other other people to see it for myself.

I was moved.
It is awe inspiring when you consider it's age.
It is wonderfully presented - Heritage England makes sure it is not swamped by people all at once but filters bus loads in at intervals.
It does give you time to sit and listen to the audio recordings and take it all in.
It was a wonderful experience and I did feel the energies of the stones moving me.


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