London beautiful London!

London is a city that is worth much more time than we gave it.
It is a city that requires time and patience to explore.
Time because of the bad traffic congestion and allowing yourself at least twice as long to get somewhere to see something and patience because of the crowds that are never ending.
So to say that I only saw a small portion of what was on my to do list is an understatement.
I did manage to get to the Tower of London.

I managed to arrive early and that allowed me some quiet time to explore before the crowds started to wander in and reduce the tower to a thoroughfare for a sea of humanity.

Each tower had its secrets and uniqueness - most of the areas had succumbed to fires and destruction through simple collapse or because of war so most has been rebuilt over the years.

I found it hard to focus with a thousand screaming French and German students pushing and shoving passed me on the stairs but certainly the atmosphere of the ages that the Tower has stood required respect and honor.

 The armory was for me one of the most interesting places in the Tower complex.
The different suits of armor, the canons, weapons and also the axe that beheaded a number of people was quite astounding.

The Tower is supposed to hold a number of ghosts - I would think they would be hiding in the corners until all the tourists leave. I f I was one of them that's what I would be doing. I would relish going through the Tower after everyone had left. Although I would think it a place of extreme emotion and quite scary.


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