Some Ghosts Dont like Change

It was my good luck to be able to connect with a spirit energy this weekend that I had worked with before.
Eliza was the original owner of a historic building at a small village called Wollombi, outside of Cessnock in NSW, Australia.

She has been 'hanging around' her home although she had passed many years earlier.
The old owner and the new owner lived happily side by side for a long time with Eliza making herself known to Caroline, the new owner, many times in many subtle ways.

But over the last week Caroline has sold the home as she has found it so hard to continue doing all of the work required to keep bringing in the ongoing income needed.

I visited the house on the weekend and was invited by Caroline to sit in Eliza's old bedroom and have a chat with her.
I decided I would ask Eliza if she was happy with the upcoming change of ownership.
I walked in and turned on two K2 meters placing them on the bed to see if they would flash responses to my questions.
Eliza certainly made herself known - she was happy to 'talk' to begin with, with lots of hits on the K2's, but when I asked her, 'and how do you feel about the sale of the house and new owners coming in?" there was immediate silence.
After that no amount of promoting would instigate a response.

Eliza was not happy about the change - she liked it the way it had been for so many years.
So...even ghosts dont like change?

We do often hear about activity becoming greater when renovations start happening in a house.
Or when new owners take over from long standing residents - its like the ghosts show their annoyance - why were they not asked?

When I spoke to Caroline about what I had encountered she told me that Eliza had been showing her displeasure all week long by making one of the lights in her bedroom flash on and off constantly.

Caroline checked the connections and electricity etc and found nothing wrong.
So then she unplugged the light as it was getting very annoying.
The light still continued to keep flashing.


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