Joseph Glanvill - First Official English Ghost Hunter

Ghost hunting began very seriously.
A gentleman named Joseph Glanville (1636-80) and was given the very important sounding title of England's Ghost Hunter General".
He wrote a number of very successful books about the subject and even went out into the filed to prove some of his theories.
Wikipedia tells us that: Joseph Glanvill born in Plymouth Devon, was an English writer, philosopher, and clergyman. Not himself a scientist, he has been called "the most skillful apologist of the virtuosi", or in other words the leading propagandist for the approach of the English natural philosophers of the later 17th century. In 1661 he predicted
The time will come, when making use of magnetic waves that permeate the ether,...we shall communicate with [persons on the opposite side of the globe.
What a forward thinking man indeed!

The Drummer of Tedworth is a report of supernatural activity by Joseph Glanvill in the West Country of England, in his Saducismus Triumphatus. The book's Latin title Saducismus Triumphatus means The Defeat of Sadducism or more accurately 'The Triumph over Saducism'. The Sadducees denied the existence of the soul and possibility of life after death, thus contradicting the doctrines of Christ. As anti-Christ, they were seen by Glanvill as the cohorts of Satan.

The tale Glanvill told was that a local landowner, John Mompesson, owner of a house in the town of Tedworth (now called Tidworth, in Wiltshire), had brought a lawsuit against a local drummer, whom he accused of extorting money by false pretenses.
After he had won judgment against the drummer and confiscated his drum, he found his house plagued by nocturnal drumming noises. It was assumed that the drummer had brought these plagues of noise upon Mompesson's head by witchcraft. The story is considered by some to be an early account of the activity of a poltergeist, a mischievous spirit that makes noises unexplainable except by supernatural causes.
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He died at Bath, Somerset in 1680.


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