How can it be so hard??

I have organised with a local restaurant to host three evenings this winter of fine dining and guest speakers on some paranormal topics. It has taken me weeks to try and get three special guest speakers to agree to three dates.

Firstly, it was sending off letters of proposal - as I had never done this before I was travelling blind.
But in my moments of strength I went for it.
The first event was settled smoothly enough but the other two became ever increasingly complicated as the demands rose with every email sent.
From paying for accommodation and petrol costs to then dates that suited becoming unsuitable to then wanting to bring family members and arranging their accommodation too, to adding breakfasts.
I am not making any money on these already - I didnt also want to also be so hugely out of pocket !!
SO I decided on the KISS approach.
Keep it simple stupid - cancel the ones that were getting too demanding and get some others.
I think I have done it.
We will cover topics such as hauntings and possessions, to the spirits and ghosts of the Greeks and and Romans to UFO's, sightings and close encounters.
How can you not like that!
Phew - please let there be no more hiccups!


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