Should children come on investigations?

Just to claryify our position on taking young children & teenagers on tours - we do take bookings from families who wish to escort their children (over 13 years) as long as they remain responsible for them during the tour.
We will not however take bookings for children under that age - we do not wish to offend anyone who believes that their child may be used to such experiences or that they are able to handle them or that they have been on other ghost tours.
Obviously each parent knows the limitations of their own child and we respect that but from a business perspective and our own guidelines we believe that some of our tours are not appropriate for this age group.
Our East End Tours are historically based experiences which tell the story of Newcastle from its early days - we are walking along public roads where there is plenty of light and movement. These tours are quite acceptable for a younger age group along as they are supervised and know that its a very long night and they will probably get quite bored.
Our Miss Porters House Investigation Nights and Extended Investigations are a different story - they are events that can conjour up different feelings in people and imaginations can run wild. Most of our tour participants are adults over 21 years and we do not feel that this is an appropriate place to take a young person under the age of 16 years.
Real investigations have little in similarity with what people see happening on TV shows.
This is our personal view and we will continue adhering to this rule. We keep a vigilant eye on how everybody is doing while on a tour as different people react in different ways.
Some people just want to be spooked, they wait to be scared out of their wits although I dont understand why that is.
You need to be careful what you wish for.
Some people get very cross if they dont have an experience or see a ghost. Just because they have paid money they expect it to happen "just like that".
Well its not "just" going to happen because you have come to a spot where others have had experiences.
And its offensive to presume that I can click my fingers and call up the ghosts on demand.
I respect the spirits and ghosts far more than that.
So therefore please dont ask me if you can bring your 9 year old cause "they have seen all of the ghost shows on TV" - thats TV...we deal with reality and again, it is very different.

We remain responsible for the care of all sites while we are on them and the personal care of every person who attends our tours while on tour.

Renata Daniel - Newcastle Ghost Tours


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