Hello Cyber Trolls!

Although I believed my last post to be uncontroversial in any way it seems to have hit a nerve in some people.
All I was doing was just stating what went down in a discussion that I had had with a client who had asked my advice. It wasnt me"venting"
People come in and seek advice when they are in trouble - therefore when you give them asked for advice, as best you know how to, you would think that they would take that on board.
My post was merely a reflection that some people will only take in the information that they want to - only if it fits in with their world view.
Its like when people send me photos of orbs and ask me to verify them as ghosts or spirits and when I tell them that it is just lens flare or a reflection of some sort they get the shits and call me an idiot and that I dont know anything.If it only ended in that it would be ok.but why get nasty?
Now again, the post wasnt a "vent" as to why this person did not listen to me.I do not believe that I hold all the keys to truth and know it all.
But....just once, I chose to write a post with a bit of "meat"  and one troll  told me to grow up, that I was illiterate and stupid.
I would ask that if you do think that I am that stupid then just dont come back to my site...easy. Why do some people feel that they have a need to be hostile and denigrate others on a public forum.
I will not reciprocate with a return volley of spite but I will block any person who writes disrespectful things on my page.
In the end it is my right to say what I want on my own page as long as it is not being hurtful and insulting which I believe I never have been.I except all my "likers" to do the same.Now that was a vent!


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