SO LETS TALK EVP - Communicating with the dead

According to Mary Roach author of the book "SPOOK" the EVP movement started in 1959 when a Swedish Opera singer turned painter set up a microphone on a windowsill at his home outside Stockholm to record bird songs. Friedrich Jurgenson reports that a bird suddenly gets drowned out by a male voice saying something like "bird songs at night".
At first it was thought that he had picked up a radio station broadcast but over the next few weeks he seemed to make more recordings and the voices seemed to be speaking directly to him by name and even more strangely to his Poodle, Carino.
Jurgenson wrote a book and attracted the attention of a Latvian psychologist named  Kontantin Raudive who then proceeded to record over 70 thousand recorded "voice texts".
This then created EVP Societies all over the world willing to get excited with experimenting with this new phenomenon.
Raudive's method was to tape radio static or what we call white noise. Many of his recordings, again like Jurgenson's, mentioned his name and even spoke Latvian.

A Cambridge University student then came into this by deciding to investigate EVP as part of his two year fellowship topic.

As part of his experiments Ellis, the Uni student, got Raudive into a controlled environment in a room screened to block radio transmissions and the result was that no voices were recorded.

Psychologists will identify what we get from the clicks, muffled noises and half spoken words as "verbal transformation effect" where the human mind has a desire to make sense of what it is hearing so it can create words from nonsense sequences.
Mary Roach also contacted Jurgen Graaff who was an engineer for Telefunken a huge German electronics company who said that the company had never investigated EVP although she had read that they had conducted research in 1980.
Graaff mentioned what was called the "Ducting Effect"  when the electronic layers of the ionosphere create small ducts that enable fragments of radio broadcasts to travel thousands of miles.After a few minutes these ducts disappear.
So here are some of the views that have been put forward by some of the early pioneers of EVP experimentation.
I have also entered into the EVP experiment with many recordings already captured during my investigations.
Are they all paranormal?
I tend to be very analytical and see if I can find reasons for them not to be.
It needs a good ear and thank goodness I have a lady very dedicated to EVP work - Angela Walton from Boo! Paranormal (another local investigative group)
An occasional squeak or half word, if its hardly audible or you have to stretch your imagination to figure out a word is just not good enough to be classified as communication with the dead - it really isnt. Lets be real.
But, in saying that, lets just keep this going - I know that many of investigators have some remarkable captures - I am willing to keep trying and would love to get a whole well structured sentence that actually answers my questions in an very real way. We have already come pretty close (well ,we think so).


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