Stone Tape - I do believe we might be on to something!

Since the 1970s, the Stone Tape Theory has been one of the main notions behind ghostly phenomenon. The theory is based on the suggestion that buildings and materials are able to absorb a form of energy from living beings.This sits very well with me right now.
Researchers speculate that the recording is laid down during times of high emotional stress such as murder, grief or an important scene in someone’s life. This energy can be stored for an unspecified amount of time and the replay can be triggered by a witness with attributes that could include psychic ability, stress levels or even brainwaves and seem to set off the recording like a “psychic video”.
The replay can take a form as a full manifestation or even sounds such as voices or footsteps and may even be repeated. The theory certainly explains many of the sightings and incidents that occur, however no one knows for sure exactly what the recorded energy really is. The possibility that it could be our natural electric and magnetic fields seems remote but could it be another undiscovered energy? 
I have read about this theory many times and know that we all can sense dread, or high emotions contained in rooms and sites. When was the last time you walked into a room and thought that it felt weird?


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