Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Finally after weeks of nothingness the craziness of Christmas shopping has commenced in our town. Ah yes...obviously these last few days is a time of total frustration for many families as they try to manage bills with gift buying and the days of a $5 gift are well and truely dead. I try and avoid this time by keeping busy and keeping it simple.
I spent the morning with my psychic's hat on at "APPARITIONS" at Raymond Terrace were I had a young lady with quite a heartfelt dilemma as her desires were being torn between and betwixt two suitors... I hope that I was of some help allowing the cards to speak of the pitfalls of manipulative entanglements and complicated pathways.

This evening I was out taking some pictures of one very old and quite run down TRAM STATION at Wallsend. It is situated next to the High School but barricaded with the promise that one day soon it will be torn down and forgotten, just like most other things in this city once they are old and of no use to anyone - a bit like people really. Left to rot and decay, neglected and void of feelings everything does quietly and eventually dissappear. It is only then that we notice that something may have been there in the first place....


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