Every experience is an experience..

Every small experience one has with what is perceived to be outside the realm of the normal is something to be considered, pondered and appreciated even if we just think of it as just a curious anomaly. Each of us has different views on what is paranormal and what is a profound experience for one person may be looked at as total piffle for someone else.
I try and stay open minded to everyone's personal experiences as I know, that as much as I might want to be believed when something happens to me, so does everyone else.
So therefore if you come to talk with me and say that you have experienced something bizarre, unusual, paranormal I will believe what you say. I will also try to look for rational explanations, I will look for influences of the mind , drugs and alcohol. I will look for environmental explanations and the influences of others as some people find joy in explioting another's vulnerability.
But, in some cases, as much as I might look for another reason..there is none.... other than ..it can not be satisfactorily explained by conventional means.
And that brings with it for me joy and delight.It means that we still have plenty to find out and to hypothesis about and to investigate to tear down and to find awsomeness in!
Once we know..all of this will lose its intrigue and maybe we will no longer be interested any more and then all of our ghostly friends will be very upset.They will miss our need for interaction.
It is in the subtelty of this world where the magic lies. The nuances, the mystery, the discovery, the optimisim that there is more and that it is mind blowing.
That is what I like..therefore I am happy at not knowing it all and never becoming an expert but always being a student, for tomorrow I may learn something new that may change everything for me..
yet again.


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