A big fat thank you!

Its been a big first year for Newcastle Ghost Tours and we have many people to thank for our success.
First and foremost our husbands who have involuntarily supported us financially this whole year. We PROMISE to try and make some money to "take home" in 2012 instead of spending all of yours...really we do.
To the rest of the family who have survived without us being at home on many, many nights and many nights of uncooked meals, many days of unwashed clothes and dirt piling up in the every corner of the house and lots and lots of " honey, please can you do me a favor" requests.
Big thanks go to Angela and Kirstin from Boo Paranormal who were dedicated members of the team for much of this year and for their support on tours and investigations. We wish them the best of luck with their personal ventures in the new year.
To our ghost hunting colleagues who supported us on SO many tours like Gail, Kim, Ken, Deb and Rochelle -to name but a few- and everyone who came along to our tours and investigations this year.
Special thanks to Murray ( "Unexplained Australia" and has been doing this for a very long time ) and Michelle for their support out at "Apparitions" at Raymond Terrace.
Also to Louise at Goulburn Ghost Tours who has been such a big supporter all year long - big hugs mate!
Then we have Newcastle City Council and the team including Brent and Simon and those that trusted us at the "LOCK UP" and MISS PORTER'S HOUSE as well as the volunteers from Minmi and West Wallsend Cemeteries.
To Gionni Di Gravio from the Uni at Newcastle who gave of his time to talk to us right at the very beginning and Carla at "CIELO" for allowing us to stay a whole night at her premises and hold an investigation.
To the staff at MONET'S past and present and also a special thanks to PAT the Barman at the United Serviceman's Club - all of whom opened their hearts and gave two middle aged sheila's a go!
Also thanks to TROY from Morpeth Ghost Tours who listened to my thoughts and gave me some really good advice on so many occassions.
So...we also would like to thank all of those people who shall remain nameless but who made our life somewhat more difficult than it should have been.
To those that managed to put us down, gossiped and told people that we what we do is a load of shit - we also thank you ....because you just made us want to work harder and keep more focused on delivering the "best shit" we possibly can.
Business is a bitch - friends come and go and in most cases everyone is just trying to have a decent, fair go - there is plenty of opportunity for everyone.
We wish you all a most wonderful and prosperous New Year for 2012.
Dont be a stranger - keep following us on facebook and join us on a tour soon.
Much love to you all from Renata and Diana at Newcastle Ghost Tours.
We wish you some PIFFLE AND BOSH this Christmas.


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