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Men in Black

We have all watched the movie, "Men in Black" but did you know it is based on a real phenomenon?
And...not only are there men in black there are also women in black too!

These men have been reported to appear after UFO sightings ( just like in the movie) and threaten those first hand witnesses. They appear at their homes and knock on their front doors, driving cars that seem in come cases to float slightly above the ground, and apparently seem to have some type of hypnotic effect on people.

Men in Black are usually male, but women have been reported too, and are normally dressed in black wearing trench coats or black suits and sunglasses even in the middle of the night.
They can be very pale skinned and always slightly bizarre looking.

This next bit of info from "Mysterious Universe"

Perhaps the earliest and best known purported image of a Man in Black comes from 1968, in Jersey…

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