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What is Piffle and Bosh?

Stay with me on this one - you will find out the significance of the number 61 soon!!!
It's a proud moment and I really want to share it!!!

Would you believe that I had never head of the words 'piffle' and 'bosh' until the day I woke up with them in my head?

That was the first day of my first paranormal blog post.

PIFFLE - means 'nonsense', 'rubbish'. It's a noun that tends to make something less important, small, inconsequential.

BOSH - means 'rubbish' 'silliness'. It comes from a Turkish word meaning empty.😊😊

So, it's quite interesting, and spooky, that I was led to to take on these two unknown words that, in effect, mean the same thing, when I did not know them in the first place.

But, what I was trying to do was to create something that mirrored my writing style, random bites, stories that attracted me to them, slices of history, interesting facts and my own adventures and put them together to make some quick, spicy, spo…

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