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Ghostly Interactions at Jenolan Caves Guest House

Every since I first laid eyes on Jenolan Caves guest house as a much younger person I have always wanted to stay overnight.

I have imagined the grandeur of the wealthy coming down the winding road to this hide away - safe from the rest of the world and being treated to a 'European style' getaway right here in Australia taking in the fresh mountain air and meandering quietly through the caves.

In 1896, the grand hotel, Jenolan Caves House, was built, as a wilderness retreat for the wealthy1. It was designed in the Colonial Architect’s office, under the supervision of Colonel Walter Liberty Vernon (1846 – 1914). It is characterized by craggy fa├žade, picturesque gables, knobbly tile roof and deep recessed openings with multi-paned windows, giving the new building an instant air of old-age, charm and respectability Caves House sits alongside Jenolan Caves, Australia’s most well-known limestone cave system and longest continually operating tourist attraction. Caves House, along with all…

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